Sounds Familiar – Decent The Smiths Copyists

As much I love this Smiths, I never felt inclined to try and ‘be’ them.

Much of this could be down the fact that I have exactly zero talent from a musical perspective (although I can sing The Flying Pickets version of Yazoo’s ‘Only You’…which the wife says sounds quite nice if I am ‘in a room that echoes’) and also due to the fact that there is absolutely nothing about me that is cool enough to pull off running around with daffodils hanging out of my back pocket or morally astute to stop eating the flesh of my fellow mammals, so for me, I just continue my 30 year unrequited love affair with them.

However for some that is not enough and the obsession runs deeper as they try to develop The Smiths sound within their art and as such garner much consternation.

To me though, I take the view that if you are going to copy someones homework at least copy the ‘bright kids’ and copy it well….These are the bands I feel have achieved some success in this regard. If you have anymore we might like please add to the comments.

The Holiday Crowd

Track: Pennies Found / From: Over The Bluffs (EP) / Year: 2013 / Label: Manimal Vinyl Records

The Boyfriends

TrackNo Tomorrow / FromOver The Bluffs (EP) / Year: 2006 / LabelBoobytrap Records

Northern Portrait 

TrackCrazy / FromCriminal Art Lovers / Year: 2009/ LabelMatinee Recordings


TrackOlympian / FromOlympian / Year: 1995 / LabelPolydor

Another Sunny Day

TrackYou Should all be Murdered / FromYou Should all be Murdered (EP) / Year: 1989/ LabelSarah Records

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