EP Review: Babygirl – As You wish (2016) (Label: Self Released)

Canadian artists Babygirl are an unsigned indiepop act consisting of Kirsten Clark (vocals) and Cameron Breithaupt (Lead guitar) who appear to be on something of a mission to express their early 20-something suburban dissatisfaction via as many jangle/guitar/indie pop influences as possible.

Opening track, It’s Getting Late, sees Clark visit obvious Sarah Records influences as she introduces the dominant theme of the EP of wanting an escape from middle class, suburban tedium. The fact she delivers the vocals in such a deliberately apathetic manner suggests the ‘escape’ may never be achieved.

Truth be told I’m just riding the clock
While i’m waiting for something better
Cause one day I’ll turn to chalk on the sidewalk
That washes away with the weather
Don’t wanna stay in this town forever.

The reasons for such discontent are further elaborated upon in the next and stand out track Overbored, which is driven by sparse usage of opulent chiming guitars as the deadpan vocal delivery is stepped up a notch and the omnipotent fears of never escaping continue. She laments:

I’m over you
I’m overbored
I’m surrounded by people who were hoping for more.

The video for this track (below) also brilliantly accentuates the utter tedium surrounding them as the duo stare blankly into thge camera, rarely blinking, as they laconically sign language the words to the track. It is so simple but so incredibly cool.

The penultimate track, Everything’s Happening Without Me, emphasizes their forlorn insistence that there has to be something better out there as Clark’s crystal clear sweet vocals are delivered in an almost Linger era Cranberries manner (without the Irish accent !) are are backed by the brilliance of Breithaupt’s shimmering guitar delivery. It is a track that is beautiful both lyrically and melodically.

The Final track of the EP, Unwant You, comes something out of left-field both musically and lyrically (although perhaps the I’m over you lyric in Overbored is being developed further here) as Babygirl deliver a straight down the middle love song backed with tinkling piano that explains the intricacies of allowing yourself to be exposed to the possible pain of letting someone into your life on an emotional level.

Can we start again?
Can we start again?
Cause I lose it if I leave you, lose it in let you in

I wanna make it easy
Set it all aside again
I’m more in love than I pretend to be
You say that you’re a gamble
You say that you’re a pair of dice
You’re nothing but  a paradise to me
And I wish I could unwant you.

In summation I have played this EP to death since downloading it nearly a year ago (there are no CD’s in print) and it and it simply amazes me that such talent is not signed to a label as yet.

As you Wish is available at https://babygirl1994.bandcamp.com/album/as-you-wish

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