A Tribute to Pat DiNizio (1955-2017)

I was extremely saddened this morning to hear of the passing of Pat DiNizio, the front man and creative impetus behind The Smithereens, a band who have been at the forefront of many things guitar/jangle-pop for over 30 years.

When you have been accompanied by someone’s music for such a large part of your life it can be easy to fall into the trap of writing gushing personalized tributes stating what a wonderful person he was. I never him personally so I will respectfully leave such deeper tributes to his family and friends whose lives he may have touched on a personal level. 
What I do know from seeing him in live gigs is that there appeared to be a genuine personal chemistry between him and the rest of the band and indeed with the fans of the band (as some of the following video will testify). I also know that I have nothing but gratitude towards him for the music he enhanced my life with. 
So my simple tribute as a way of thanks is just to post versions of my favourite top 10 tracks (no particular order) from both his solo work and from The Smithereens for everyone to enjoy.
RIP Pat DiNizio and thank-you.

Especially For You

In A Lonely Place

Homeward Bound (Solo work – cover of the Simon & Garfunkel track)

Green Thoughts

A Girl Like You

Blood and Roses

Behind Blue Eyes (Limpbizkit Cover)

Behind the Wall of Sleep

Only a Memory

Top of the Pops

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