Album Review: The Stars Seemed Brighter by Pale Lights (2017) (Kleine Unterground Schallplatten)

I am one of these sad sacks that places great emphasis on playlists. It is my way of expressing my inner nerd that my wife states has always been prevalent, despite my attempts to hide it.

As such I have playlists arranged into all sorts of jangle-pop types, post-punk, C86, all the decades from the 60’s onwards, promising bands, Medway scene, indie-pop with jangle leanings, Australian etc etc etc…now that I write the list, I realize what a complete and utter obsessive I am about my silly playlists.

However, in my mind, all of the above is totally justified as they act as ‘feeders’ to my overall playlist which I have tagged in my media player with the grandiose moniker Ultimate Jangle Playlist. For a track to get onto this, the most sacred of lists, it must pass all sorts of criteria and scrutiny pertaining to its level of sheer brilliance. Hours are spent considering whether a particular track takes pride of place on this jangle hall of fame. In the rare event that a track makes the list my mind almost plays silly trumpet fan fares when I right click the mouse to ‘add to playlist’…sad I know.

The highest accolade I can pay this album is that I have had it three days and already the first three tracks, 100 years, Mother Cries (see above) and I Will not Play have (ear)wormed their way onto the ultimate list and two further tracks in The Army Game  and The Sounds (see below) are going through the utter mind-blowing sadness of my obsessive consideration. I have been totally unable to stop humming the chorus of Mother Cries and the kids now hate me for it.

I will leave others to possibly explain that there may have been a slight stylistic shift from the equally excellent debut album Before There Were Pictures (2014), which has seen more The Go-Betweens type song structures and perhaps a tad more of a muted laconic approach…after all I need to get back to the days long process of deciding if the other two tracks make it onto the Ultimate Playlist.

[Fanboymode]Blah Blah Blah just buy it…this lot could fart into a bottle and it would still be superb when released[/fanboymode].

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