Album Review – Demo Tapes by Lunar Eskimo (2014) (Human Sounds Records)

I  imagine Lunar Eskimo to be some sort of a Machiavellian character. A sort of devious, grumpy, bear of a man that sits in his bedroom planning evil acts and musical genius in equal measures.

Of course, I know nothing about him other than his Bandcamp profile says he is Irish and that by his own admission he could not be bothered to eventually add vocals to these tracks. As such and without any other published contradictory guidance, my tangential mind does it’s bidding and creates an  evil genius type character to fill in the gaps.

What is on record about Lunar Eskimo is that he was one of the first acts signed by the Human Sounds Records label, his real name in Andrew Reid and his home town in Ireland is Dublin….oh and he produced one absolutely endearingly strange mix of dance / jangle-pop music (he refers to it in his limited profile as ‘jangle rock’) that contains several absolutely blissed out tracks revolving around crystalline chiming guitars aplenty and another EP of old demo’s (Jams: Old Times) of 2014 penned tracks that are very badly produced and more shoegaze oriented.

This review is therefore a tad remote as I really know nothing further about the artist. I do know however, that tracks such as the opening Satellite Night (see above), Lie Down Mother (see below) and August (August Morning) have attracted over 100 ‘additions to collections’ on Bandcamp (significantly higher than most of the bands I refer to my wishlist for further review) who have obviously recognized the brilliance I refer to.

And that is it really… he still has not added the vocals to the tracks (thank goodness, as I strongly believe, it would detract from the overall quality) and no-one from the label has been able to respond to my frequent requests for information about the artist. It is as if he has disappeared without trace on his latest evil mis…oh there I go again.

As such I would like to believe that in a few years time, when he takes a break from strangling kittens and the various other acts of badness that prevent him from fully concentrating on his musical genius, that he will stir up his evil infused creative musical juices to give us more of the same.

In reality he is probably a lovely fella, so if you are reading this Andrew, I apologize and please accept my thanks for this lovely instrumental album.

Artist links

Bandcamp (buy it here)

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