EP Review: Copies Fading by Faux Canada (2017) (Self Released)

Despite exuding the unfettered masculinity of a thousand Trojan warriors (not) I cannot help feel motherly towards San Francisco based, Faux Canada. Like a doting matriarch, I have been keeping a very close eye on them for a number of their formative musical years, hoping nothing goes wrong and that they develop their full potential.

Initially there was a tear in my eye observing  trembling baby steps with the 2013 debut release, Exploding Secret Laughter EP. I could see that the muted jangle in this release was abundant with childlike potential but, as is the way with toddlers, their sense of direction was not fully formed as they clumsily bumped around with strange electronic bloopage in their tracks.

Their bruised bums began to heal with their next single release, The Day We Became Houseguests / Hooray This Projector (2014). Here their musical muscles began to develop to some extent, reducing the need to hold onto the electronic musical hand rail and just becoming more confident in their musical movement. There was still some strange French popisms apparent, but they were now becoming engulfed by a less toddler like physique that was asserting a definitive personality.

For two and a half year this musical child was allowed to grow, eventually emerging as a pubescent with a bit of attitude in the 2016 single Cuddly / Great Expectations. Now with its own views and an attitude of independence, the first steps to fully fledged musical adulthood were taken with the development of a muted jangled signature guitar sound, that was juxtaposed with all that is purposely fashionable about the indie-pop aesthetic.

Finally, November 2017 saw the Copies Fading EP force me to scrabble for the tissue box to wipe away motherly tears of pride as Faux Canada rewarded my wait and maternal longing for them to develop into a musical grown up I could be proud of. In this EP all the bells and whistles and seemingly ‘cool inflections’ are removed to leave a sound that is unmistakably there own and that will appeal to most jangle-pop, indie-pop and even lo-fi bedroom pop fans.


In tracks such as Wildcat (see above) and Friends Don’t Lie (below), Faux Canada have arrived at musical maturity and perhaps don’t need the hairiest mommy they could ever endure anymore? Either way I will definitely still be watching.


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