Album Review: Evelyn by Vestiges (2017) (Self released)

Usually at the start of a review it would be customary to introduce the members of the Vestiges and say a bit about their history. However their is little time…having read reviews regarding the singles from the album I want to fend off an attack from ambient types and their fluffy dream-like, dreamy, dream-pop references. It is time to plant the jangle-pop flag in West London sand and claim these brilliant youngsters as our own.

So how can we claim Evelyn as ‘ours’? Initially the trivialities. The cover art (see above) rejects the usual dream-pop gossamer pink hued indecipherable pictures associated with dream-pop and gives us the clean lines of what is very obviously a house.
Secondly all the pictures of the band are also very unlike dream-poppy. Not for them the generic black and white band pictures that look wistfully at some very important distant object that refuse to offer eye contact. Band photos of the Vestiges are just of three young lads in varying states of happiness. No pretense involved.
All of the above taps the jangle-pop flag gently into Vestiges territory. It becomes firmly hammered upon assessment of the music. Dream-pop vocalists prefer to do their singing from an extremely deep cave, whilst being smothered by seventeen pillows as decipherable lyrics or quality vocals are the absolute enemy.
The Vestiges dispel such nonsense and why on earth would they considering the vocalist has a beautiful voice (best seen in the title track below) mixing the traditional swoon of a modern jangle-pop artist like Armstrong (who are actually a good reference point for their overall soundto an almost Phil Sutton (Pale Lights) croon. Unlike dream-pop every word is delivered with precision and consummate clarity thus ensuring a jangle-pop score. 

Musically they are also pure smooth jangle-pop. A track like If You Go (see below) is typical of the general chimed guitar backing that frequents most of the tracks and adds an unobtrusive backdrop to the beauty of the vocals. Essentially there is not a dream-pop or dream like echo to the guitar work in sight. It is just pure crisp jangle.

If there is the slightest criticism to the album if could be that it has a uniformity of tempo. However when the tempo delivers such beautiful crooning jangle-pop like this it is very easy to dismiss this and just engulf yourself in the beauty of it all. Obviously the Sophomore album will be the tester to this sense of feelgood, but that is a matter for another, hopefully not too distant day.

Now that the jangle-pop flag has been firmly hammered into Vestiges territory and the demon dream-pop wistful have types have drifted away on one of the stupid clouds that frequent much dream-pop album art, it would be rude of me not to introduce the members of a band who are truly worthy of our support. As such the Vestiges are Alfie Firmin, Marcus Lennartson and David Placht. Welcome gentlemen and please don’t be strangers !!!

Artist Links

Bandcamp (Buy Here)
Twitter (@vestiges_band)
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