EP Review – Interpunktion by The BV’s (2018) (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)

Certain bloggers talk. It usually starts with Twitter recommendations. Then you realize you have a mutual passion for different circles of bands and before you know it you are having long trans-Atlantic Whatsapp conversations about you favourite bands / music in general.

Last week such a conversation took place, whereby myself and a fellow ‘bloggee’ (I now officially claim this as an actual word) revealed our middle aged status by agreeing that Shoegaze mixed with jangle-pop never really works. Him being ‘far more cleverer than wot I is’ used lots of big words to explain this obvious phenomenon. As the lesser of the two communicating wordsmiths, I simply agreed and responded with ‘yeah it is all a bit shit’.

Then the conversation entered a somewhat pregnant pause, before we obviously simultaneously typed,  ‘except the BV’s’ !!! So what is it that makes old ‘blogees’ forgive the shoegaze infiltration of our jangle-pop? What is it that made the BV’s debut album (April 2017) one of the most critically acclaimed jangle-pop oriented releases of 2017?

What is it that has seen them get signed by the same label as the inimitable Pale Lights, support The Luxembourg Signal on tour as well as being lined up to supportthe Monochrome Set later this month? Not to mentioning getting on the same March 2018 Madrid Popfest set as the likes of  the BMX Bandits, Eggstone and The Tuts?…In less than a year since the release of their debut, it really is a meteoric rise !!!

Just one listen of this sophomore release reveals an answer that you eagerly emphasize with repeat listens. The BV’s sound is one of pure beauty. It is not the sort of traditional jangle-pop beauty that labels such as The Beautiful Noise, You Are The Cosmos and Pretty Olivia Records are famed for releasing (although tracks such as Be Enough and the bizarrely named instrumental, ‘»»»»»»»»»’ (see below) have this quality in abundance) but more a quality that is possibly only gifted to the chosen few.


The BV’s have that quality of ‘chemistry’. The sort of quality, that when a band comes together (or in this case two people in the Anglo-Geman partnership of Fred Jehle and Josh Turner) everything just fits correctly. In such instances there are no limits to what can be achieved and tracks of the sheer shoegaze/jangle beauty (there I said it !) like the equally succinctly named closing 8 minute track B.. (see below) are testament to what appears to be a conveyor belt rotating effortless beauty.


Perhaps I am completely wrong and the two gentlemen in question, spend anxiety riddled days and nights huddled over the sort of Dickensian production equipment that only exists in my romantic notions, frowning feverishly as wave after wave are artistic block makes them virtual slaves to their art…or it could be as the promotional notes state, they went into the studio and recorded three of the tracks live, in one take, such is their natural brilliance.

By now I am sure that you are beginning to understand that I believe that this EP and anything that has ever, or will ever be released, by this band will be an absolutely essential purchase. Beyond that, they are also the sort of band that I want to support. The sort of band who are consistently in touch with their fan base. The sort of band that designs their own cover art and even personally sends them out with unique handmade artwork (see below) that they have personally made. It is all just so beguiling and about as far removed from the aged concept of rock stars throwing various domestic appliances out of hotel windows, as you would ever want to imagine.

So do what you can to get hold of this EP…or save up until it becomes available on Discogs or eBay, as all 200 ‘handmade vinyls’ were sold on pre-order before todays release date…I cannot imagine why and do not really care, as mine is on its way !!!

Artist Links

https://thebvs.bandcamp.com/  (BUY IT HERE)

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