EP Review: Perfect Harmony by Evening Glow (2017) (Self Released)

It is plain to see that Evening Glow are in total thrall. Initially to all things that were considered relevant to indie-heads in the 80’s UK and to a somewhat lesser extent to the Dunedin sound from New Zealand, that was adding a definitive vibe to the scene from the mid 80’s to early 90’s.

Having listened to this EP and their superb pre-Perfect Harmony releases, it is plain to see that their default stylistic is the juxtaposition between the ebullient Medway sound epitomized by a band such as  The Dentists and the slightly less vocally tumultuous C86 / Dunedin Sound genre bands, epitomized by the likes of The Brilliant Corners, The Chills and The Bodines.

This 4 track EP shows various different nuances of the above 1980’s indie aesthetic that Evening Glow rotate with absolute aplomb. Initially tracks such as the insistent opening title track (see below) and Flicker marry the refreshing direct vocal delivery and skinny guitar work of all things Dunedin to the pounding drums of the C86 sound. At the same time Evening glow add there own framework of an omnipotent subtle jangle-pop essence which is far more accentuated than either of their ‘genre influences’ ever provided.


Other 80’s stylistics enjoyed on this album can be seen in the true standout track of the EP,  Love Tonight (see below) which is a glorious mixture of high end chiming guitars, signalling the jangle-pop being turned up to a crescendo and married to all that was best and battering about the often half spoken shouted vocals of the more aggressive bands within the Medway Sound. It really is a wonderful trip down memory lane, assimilating the musical sights of the county of Kent (UK) in the 1980’s.


In the final track, Evening Glow change their direction completely whilst still remaining completely faithful to 80’s Britain as they change from the shimmering jangle-pop inspired genres to the more dour and dense post-punk that was also synonymous with the UK in the early 1980’s. The huge chunky bass line of Dancing With You is stylistically alien to the remainder of the EP, but somehow half expected considering the 1980’s genre hopping of the remainder of the EP. Once more they pay perfect homage to their influences.

In general Evening Glow are certainly not the first band to be in thrall of all things indie from the 1980’s…they do it so much better than most though.

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