Fake Compilation Series – Worry not… BMX Bandits Have It Covered !!!

The BMX Bandits are unique. Any band can get some of their members to pick up a guitar. Any band can search about for a delicious vocalist. What no other band has been able to do is to blend such guitars and vocals in the manner that these Scottish indie-pop stars have excelled at for the last 30 years plus.

Perhaps it is to do with the laconic aesthetic they have? Every track manages to mysteriously juxtapose dual essences that suggest that front man Duglas T. Stewart is just a naturally gifted  vocalist and the fact it always feels as though he and the remainder of the band, just drift out of bed, pop into the kitchen, recorded couple of beautiful tracks and only then, embarked upon a caffeine hit. ‘Cool’ is not a word that a thesaurus will provide too many alternatives for…which is fine because this band are it’s epitomizing reference point.
As such any track covered by this inimitable band will invariably add something different, beautiful and usually remarkable to the original. I hope the 10 tracks selected for this Fake Compilation emphasize this far better than my text above has…ENJOY !!!

In no particular order of absolute brilliance…

Hopelessly Devoted to You (2009)

Olivia Newton John’s 1978 love mush single just sound so much more relevant in this version from The BMX Love EP out of Elefant Music

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (2005)
Ricky Nelson’s 1966 Burt Bacharach penned track given the beuatiful BMX Bandits treatment…absolute pure pop goodness. Appears on the Serious Drugs: Creation Anthology out of Castle Music.

Witch Tai To (2010)

Another 1960’s track, this time by Everything is Everything (1969) falls under the BMX Bandits. The vocal harmonies are simply beautiful here. Appears on the Life Goes On album as an extra track from the Creation Records re-issue in 2010.

What a Wonderful World  (1986)

Cover of throat infection voiced Louis Armstrong made beautifully twee by the BMX Bandits on the sophomore single of the same name out of the Scottish 53rd & 3rd label that also housed the likes of The VaselinesShop Assistants and Talulah Gosh (what a roster!)
Girl at the Bus Stop (1989)
Initially written and recorded in 1987 by Dan Treacy’s Television Personalities…The BMX Bandits have, too many, made this track their own over the years. Initially released on their 1989 debut, Totally Groovy Live Experience! out of Avalance Records, in my opinion this 2012 acoustic versions I found via Rafa Skam’s (The Yellow Melodies) YouTube channel.
Tugboat  (2009)
Appears on the 2009 Compilation, The Rise and Fall of BMX Bandits and the 2001 Snowstorm (a Tribute to Galaxie 500) both released out of Elefant RecordsOne of favourite BMX Bandits favourites of all time and in my opinion their best cover version of all time. The intro on this track is simply superb.
After I Made Love You (2007)

Initially appearing on the 2007 Bee Stings album out of the PoppyDisc Records label this cover version from the 2009 gig at Celtic Connections is a truly beautiful version of the Bonnie Prince Billy masterpiece.
You Don’t Want To Be My Girlfriend, Phoebe (2009)

Another track from the beautiful The BMX Love EP from 2009. This cover of the
My Little Airport
track shows Duglas T. Stewarts vocals at their most beguiling.
Cast a Shadow (1993)

Possibly my favourite track from the 1993 album Life Goes On. This brilliantly shows the brilliantly simplistic and laconic melodic beauty that typifies the BMX Bandits signature sound.

That Summer Feeling (Featuring Don Penn) (1995)

Beautiful harmonies with Don Penn as they cover this Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers track. It was originally released on the Creation Records double A-sided single along with the track Love Come to Me and later appeared as a bonus track on the 2010 re-issue of the 1995 album Gettin’ Dirty out of Cherry Records

Obviously you may well have different opinions on the top 10…why not drop me a line giving your opinion? Alternatively accept my word that these are the best 10 tracks the BMX Bandits have covered and list to them all at my YouTube Channel Playlist.

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