General Article – And Now What? Acts of ex-The Go-Betweens Members

After their initial split in 1989 and the cessation of the band after Grant McLennan’s death (2006) the various band members of The Go-Betweens went onto form various bands/acts/solo projects. This article looks at a few of my favourite acts involving ex The Go-Betweens members that have blessed my collection over the years.

Artist/band name: Adele and Glenn  Track title: I Dreamt I Was a Sparrow Album: Carrington Street (2012)  Label:  Glitterhouse Records  Ex Go-Between(s):  Adele Pickvance and Glenn Thompson

Adele and Graham:  I Dreamt I Was a Sparrow

Artist/band name: The Apartments  Track title: On Every Corner  Album: Drift (1993)  Label:  Torn and Frayed  Ex Go-Between(s): Peter Milton Walsh

                                            The Apartments:  On Every Corner

Artist/band name: Atlas Strings  Track title: Cool Your Heels  EP : Cool Your Heels (1996)  Label:  Polydor  Ex Go-Between(s):  Michael Armiger

                                                Atlas Strings:  Cool Your Heels

Artist/band name: Cleopatra Wong  Track title: Hearts Will Be Falling  EP: Egg (1992)  Label:  rooArt  Ex Go-Between(s):  Amanda Brown / Lindy Morrison

                                          Cleopatra Wong:  Hearts Will Be Falling

Artist/band name: Custard  Track title: Bedford  Album: Buttercup/Bedford (1992)  Label:  Self-Released  Ex Go-Between(s):  Glenn Thompson 

                                                              Custard:  Bedford

Artist/band name: The Dave Graney Show  Track title: Between Times  Album: The Dave Graney Show (1998)  Label:  Festival Records  Ex Go-Between(s):  Adele Pickvance

                                        The Dave Graney Show:  Between Times

Artist/band name: Far Out Corporation  Track title: Suicide at Home  Album: Far Out Corporation (1998)  Label:  Polydor  Ex Go-Between(s):  Adele Pickvance and Grant McLennan

                                        Far Out Corporation:  Suicide at Home

Artist/band name: Grant McLennan (G.W.McLennan)  Track title: When Word Gets Around  EP: When Word Gets Around (1991)  Label:  Beggars Banquet  Ex Go-Between(s):  Grant McLennan

                                     G.W.McLennan:  When Word Gets Around

Artist/band name: Groom Epoch  Track
title: Cosmic Artifice  
Album: Solar Warden (2018)  Label:  Golden Robot Records  Ex Go-Between(s):  Amanda Brown

                                              Groom Epoch:  Cosmic Artifice

Artist/band name: Jack Frost  Track title: Every Hour God Sends  Album: Jack Frost (1990)  Label:  Red Eye Records  Ex Go-Between(s):  Grant McLennan

                                            Jack Frost:  Every Hour God Sends

Artist/band name: Let’s Go Naked  Track title: So Many Mysteries  Album: Emotion Engine (2012)  Label:  Trust Records Ex Go-Between(s):  John Willsteed

                                       Let’s Go Naked:  So Many Mysteries

Artist/band name: Malcolm Ross Track title: Another Year, Another Town  Album: Single (1993)  Label:  The Bus Stop Label Ex Go-Between(s):  Steve Daly

                           Malcolm Ross  – Another Year Another Town

Artist/band name: Plug Uglies  Track title: Johnny Panic  EP: Johnny Panic (1990)  Label:  Rattlesnake Records Ex Go-Between(s):  John Willsteed

Plug Uglies  –  Johhny Panic

 Artist/band name:  Robert Forster  Track title: Loneliness  Album: Danger in the   Past(1990)  Label:  Beggars Banquet Ex Go-Between(s):  Robert Forster

Do you have any other favourites involving any ex- The Go-Betweens band members? If so please feel free to add them in the comments.


  1. Amazing article…once again !Just two little corrections (clerical errors) : When Word Gets Around is taken from the album Watershed, and it's Adele and Glenn not Adele and Graham, of course.Jean-Baptiste


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