Album Review – Mama Pancake by Eggs on Mars (2018) (Self Released)

Regular readers will know of the janglepophub love-in with Joplin, Missouri based jangle/surf-gaze band Tennis Club. Joining them in the quest to ensure the surf transgresses the twelve-hour drive to the same state is Kansas City-based Eggs on Mars.

Eggs on Mars provide a far more traditional surf-pop sound to their counterparts and lace it with a definitive pysch-pop alliance. There is no comparative shoegaze jangling riffs on show here, as the faster tempo tracks such as Red Haired Darling,  Doing Fine and Don’t Listen (see below) playfully bounce, chime and twang in a manner that evokes notions of those hottest of youthful summer nights where a party has just ‘developed’ with irradiated spontaneity.

The remainder of the album is stripped back to such an extent that only the bare minimum of energy is expended. Tracks like Not To Regain and the true stand out track of the album, A Song (see below) foster jangled riffs that exude the sort of beauty that cajoles inferences of beauty that are not always freely associated with its general lo-fi aesthetic.

This is perfectly formed pop that steers completely clear of any angularity and thus ensures the perfect accompaniment to the haziest of summer nights.

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