Album Review – Closure by Gorgeous Bully (2018) (Breakfast Records)

Gorgeous Bully are the project of Manchester based, Thomas Crang, who received widespread critical acclaim in the musical worlds that matter (indie community and blogs), with his superlative 2017 Great Blue album.
Stylistically, Closure has a somewhat similar aesthetic, as Crang delves through the gamut of emotions that being in love, out of love and opining love can force upon the open-hearted. However this album sees a definitive change in intensity and tempo that accentuates the fluctuations between the slightly reluctant lyrical exuberance and resignation.
Such intensity is seen in the rumbling, grumbling distorted reverb of tracks such as I’ll Be True, Patience (see below), Can’t Give You Up and the true standout of the album, Inertia (see below) that are threaded through the pounding drum work that strangely avoids being anti lo-fi and the lower pitched Dying Adolescence muffled vocal mutations.
All of the above sounds appealing enough to any lo-fi fan, however it is the way in which Gorgeous Bully always manage to make the beauty of barely audible dominant jangled guitar riff shine through the above delicious cacophony of his tracks, that really makes him unique among his lo-fi and bedroom pop peers. This album sees such beauty intensified on occasion to such an extent that wondrous tracks such as Gum and Without You (see below) see him run with gusto down a genuinely jangled road that he had only pressed a toe against previously.

This album is so fine it may well be considered as his Magnum Opus in years to come, however, with the brilliance seemingly being increased incrementally on each release so far, I suspect there will be something else to usurp this release in the years to come.


Without You

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