Single Review: Always you by Charity Shop Pop (2018) (The Label Recordings)

Charity Shop Pop is the moniker of Dave Hughes, derived after buying a charity shop electric guitar used on this track from a charity shop in his home town of Ormskirk, Merseyside.


The name sits comfortably as it encompasses the simple clarity of the guitar melodies that are surrounded by all manner of Macbook accompaniments,in an aesthetic that could be described as shabby luscious, if not quite shabby chic.

Whilst the general clarity of jangled guitar work has the sort of lush clarity and perfections of early 80’s jangled indie-pop, the overall sound of this single can never be dismissed as simplistic, for it imbues simply too many influences.

For instance the jangled 80’s indie-pop slips in and out of a chorus which adds a slight echo to the vocals and the sort of atmospheric, cod shoegaze distance, that fellow scouse-pop bands of yesteryear such as The La’s and The Farm cajoled into the psyche of 90’s pop fans and sly inferences to all manner of bright 60’s pop are laced throughout the track.

More controlled, more melodic and decidedly less weird than Hughes’ previous releases, this new direction of pop perfection appears to offer him a natural home if he can prevent his imagination from wondering too far.

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