Single Review – I Fell In Love by EggS (2018) (Howlin Banana Records)

The Paris based Howlin Banana Records label have been around for six years now. However they seem to have really come of age in 2018 with consistently brilliant releases from the likes of Bootchy Temple, Brace! Brace! and Th Da Freak that have nibbled away at the edges traditional  modern psych and jangle-pop.
This flyer single, from the eponymous EP (due out 14 December 2018), continues such a trend and perhaps presents the label with a last gasp chance to usurp all that they have released this year. 
Undoubtedly the most jangle-pop oriented sound I have heard from this label, I fell in Love has a musical style that falls somewhere between the overt beauty of Javelin Boot  and the guitar driven angst and clarity of R.E.M.
This would perhaps be enough on it’s own merits for many. However the genuine originality and appeal of the single is in the unusual juxtaposition of a vocal delivery that flirts with lo-fi with it’s somewhat muffled echoed illegibility, whilst at the same time somehow managing to imbue a sense of purpose and intensity that most lo-fi artists.

Ultimately the track is a truly unique and ultimately strange mix, but one that oozes originality and epitomizes that warped pop vibe that Howlin Banana have been excellent in unearthing recently….I cannot wait for this 10″ vinyl EP to become available.Artist Links


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