Single Review – Road Trip by Nah! (2018) (Self Released)

It would perhaps be somewhat trite to state that Nah burst onto the indie scene earlier in the year with their superlative March 2018 release,Summer’s Falling EP. For the Dutch / German due consisting of Estella Rosa Sebastian Voss are simply to cool to expend energy on ‘bursting’.

Ooze and slide might be considered more apt adjectives, as their previous debut Summers Falling EP,  encompassed all things magical about the late 1980’s and early to mid 90’s British jangly indie/twee-pop scene. It simply oozed class from every pore and the laconic tempo, sweet tunes and the slightest semblance of fuzz, ensured it received the correct sort of critical acclaim whilst at the same time furtively sliding past any inferences to any commercial sound.
Fast forward 8/9 months and the duo are back in the studio and have somehow managed to get things ‘oh so right’ in relation to the two crucial angles that can sometimes blight a sophomore release. Initially there are enough strains of uniformity to ensure that their fan base are looked after. For instance, once more they share vocal duties, ensuring that Estella’s twee sweetness, is juxtaposed with the deep fuzzier lo-fi feel of Sebastian’s richer tones. 
Image may contain: 2 peopleThis vocal antagonism has been employed many times before by many others, but there is a definitive chemistry between these two that makes their interaction, feel conversational, warm and inviting and  enables it to weave itself through the gloriously jangled indie-pop in a way that seems almost consequential. 
The other side of the sophomore conundrum / trap is the need for a modicum of difference to what has gone before. To my mind both tracks on this single have  that little bit of extra strength to them compared to the debut. This is imbued by both tracks being either dominated by a more intense tempo or in the case of Everything eventually finding itself surrounded by one.I also experience the vocal presence of Voss more compared to Summer’s Falling. This may not be the case at all and it could be that I just recognize it slightly more because it sits easier with the increased tempo (especially in Road Trip), but to my mind their is more aesthetic equality in this single inasmuch that they share the memorable hooks more.

Overall this single is Nah! flexing their musical muscles. Not in the way that stay pumped gym monsters might use as a vehicle to display their ‘roid rage’, with all things massive, bursting out all over the place, but with that less conceited and overt air of confidence that those with perfectly toned bodies exude surreptitiously in their general demeanour …wonderful stuff from a band that are threatening to become essential in indie-pop circles.

Road Trip
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