Single Review – Gloria by One Minute Millionaires (2018) (Self Released)

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoorArizona four piece One Piece Millionaires, are undoubtedly better known for power-pop that nods a reference point to the more aggressive early Teenage Fanclub sound, whilst ultimately usually diving head first into all things The Stanleys as their final destination. Usually its power-pop with a glorious kick.

However, there are times when their inner jangle-pop spirit surfaces and when it does we usually end up with something special like Gloria (see below), their latest single that is a stunning mutation of musical styles, whilst remaining decidedly 1MM.

Initially, the introduction starts off with the sort of striking occasional guitar work that U2 liked to infuse into their intro’s. Eventually this develops into the smooth beautiful territory that the best of the Gin Blossoms or The Smithereens imbued into their sound, whilst somehow always managing to assign a sort of hazy heat to their sound that is indicative of so many Southern bands. It has that indecipherable sweat about it.

1MMMI am certainly not placing the One Minute Millionaires on any jangle-pop pedestal as I am sure that they have been aloft many power-pop ones, however when they do slow down and get their ‘pretty on’ tracks such as Bottle, Looking Back, Weary Ride and Outlaw Girl (see below) meet every jangle-pop credentials you could ever think to set !

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