Post Lovers by Post Lovers (2018) (Inner Ear Records)

Post Lovers is the solo project of Eleni Karageorgou (below), who is joined by a whole host of musicians from her Greek homeland. She/they sound different. Very different.

They sound original almost to the point of having the dreaded ‘quirky’ tag leveled at them, as they snap in and out of two vastly contrasting musical aesthetics, that eruditely accentuate the main topic of the album, i.e. surviving in a world of societal norms that are completely alien to them.

The opening track starts this theme with ruminations about the struggles of hiding your true sexuality to ensure societal norms are not confronted:

little girl you’ll never hear what your heart whispers 


little boy you need to see what your world’s missing 
in their eyes you’ll only be straight and convincing 
how long? 

This theme of dealing with difference is constant throughout the album. Tracks such as Being (see below) explore so called ‘sexual abnormality’, the feeling of being rootless as you grow apart from the people in your hometown ( see Tiger)  and a pervading sense of alienation as summarized in Missing Dots:

shape an excellent form of companion 
or a heart that is drawn out of fashion

The feeling of frustrated isolation in these tracks are all accentuated by a sorted of muted indie-pop vibe that bounces and jangles somewhere between muted, albeit more muscular moments of Belle and Sebastian and the deliberation of the lyrical astuteness of a band like the infrequent, but brilliant, Soccer Team.

The other half of the album takes on a more aggressive aesthetic to express similar feelings. Part Gary Numan, part Bowie, part militaristic drumming and always imbued with eventual jangled guitar work, tracks such as Look Around tackle the effort to survive as a woman in the vaguely concealed misogynistic society we live in:

the shut-ups, the sit-downs, the servant on your pleasure 
the too slim, the too fat, the you should just behave now 
the make up, the dresses, the reasons you got married 

Whereas Fed Up (see below) is an ode to the sheer insanity of trying to be someone you are not and the pain it causes:

i’m fed up with illusions 
embracing ways of life 
symmetrically opposed to myself 
distorting my health and my mind 

In general this release is one of high intelligence. It drives home the madness of it all for those who are unable to conform to societal convention, via beautiful jangled indie-pop and late 70’s new wave idiosyncrasy, that are served in deliberately unsubtle transitions throughout the album.

This is a truly unique and original release and a genuinely superb level of song craft throughout from Eleni Karageorgou.

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