2018…The Best of Jangle-pop (singles)

Simple premise this one…just my 25 favourite singles of 2018. For the purpose of this selection the definition of a single is as follows:

An individual track from a digital or physical release that contained under three tracks.

Listed in order pf preference,  thanks to the great bands/labels who helped shape the jangle-pop landscape in 2018.

1)  Loose Tooth  –  Keep On (Milk! Records)

2)  Sea Pinks  –  Watermelon, Sugar (Alcohol) (CF Records)

3)   Alice Phoebe Lou  –  She  (Self Released)

4)  Wedding  –  Hands  in the Till (Art is Hard Records)

5)   Snail Mail  –  Pristine (Matador Records)

6)   The Rareflowers  –  New Generation (Good Eye Records)

7)  Monnone Alone  –  Cut Knuckle (Lost and Lonesome Recording Company)

8)  Young Scum  –  Wasting Time (Citrus City Records / Pretty Olivia Records)

9)   The BV’s –  Every Story is A Ghost Story (Cloudberry Records)

10)   Palehound  –  Sea of Blood (Saddle Creek)

11)  Holy Now  –  Feel It All (Lazy Octopus Records)

12)   Lewsberg  –  Terrible (Self Released)

13)  Chorusgirl  –  In Dreams (Reckless Yes)

14)  Free Cake For Every Creature  –  In Your Car (Double Double Whammy)

15)   Massage – Lydia  –  (Tear Jerk Records)

16)  A Place to Wash My Hands  –  Insufficient Funds (Self Released)

17)   Randy Jupiter  –  Big On U (Self Released)

18)  Girl in Red  –  Say Anything (self released)

19)   The Shellye Valauskas Experience  –  Gravity (Self Released)

20)   Tallies  –  Mother (Kanine Records)

21)   Foundlings  –  Sister (Self Released)

22)   The Bascinets  –  Kevin (featuring Sierra Mollenkopf) (Self Released)

23)   L I P S  –  Apartment (Self Released)

24  –  The Hannah Barberas  –  Slow Cooked (Self Released)

25)  Something Else  –  Don’t Want It (self released)


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