Single Review: Bury by The Sunset Beach Hut (2018) (Self Released)

I am not sure how much has ever really ‘burst out’ of the sleepy musical outpost of Shrewsbury, in the county of Shropshire, UK.

So, naturally I would love to partake in a bit of lazy journalism and say ‘aaaahhh but The Sunset Beach Hut have’, before retiring with the sort of smug smirk that only those in possession of pointless facts and faux grandiose ideas intellectualism, possess.


Unfortunately I cannot go with the ‘burst’ thing. It simply does not fit the particular aesthetic of this band, who have nipped in with this superlative track (after treating us to the brilliant two track single, Comfort, earlier in the year) to make 2018 the year that they made the mark on the indie-pop scene.

To ‘burst’ suggest to startle. However, this three-piece are too smooth for such energy. This single presents a more controlled, laconic and less buoyant aesthetic IN comparison to Comfort.

It is driven by increased lower key jangle and the vocals of Aphra Smith who forgoes the generic female fronted indie-pop whisper for a glorious semi-deadpan delivery that hints at the Britpop goddesses of the mid-90’s.

I am not sure if this track is likely to be part of a longer release later in the year…I just hope that they follow a similar upwards trajectory in 2019 and continue to realise their immense potential.

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