EP Review: Corduroy EP by Corduroy (2019) (Self Released)

Image may contain: textThere are 17 million bands with the name Corduroy. It is plainly a very popular material, despite the images of nasally hirsute, halitosis afflicted, middle aged history teachers it naturally conjures up in your mind…However, this Baltimore three piece, may go down in ‘history’ (see what I have done there?) as the one that somehow made Corduroy cool to a the wider world.

Effectively there are aesthetic this brilliant EP.  The opening Malt Disney (see below) is the leader of the slower tracks that also includes the likes of Big Boat and Seventh Season. These tracks incorporate the battered song structures of The Meat Puppets and juxtapose them against a backdrop of occasional Flying Nun style downbeat jangle-pop.

However, it is in when the band strive forward to a higher tempo that they really excel. Tracks such as the stand out Portico (see below) and Potted Plant, mix the insistent semi acoustic thrum of The Woodentops, to the fragile tinny jangle-pop of The Groove Farm , in an all 1980s backdrop, that sometimes sounds somewhat like The Pastels.

However, 1980’s pastiche is totally avoided by vocals that hint at the not quite legible (and not quite shoegaze) echoes of current acts such as Tennis Club, Foliage and High Sunn. It is a mix that should not really work, but after just listening to just the initial track, you know it does !

This band plainly has huge potential which has been recognized with their forthcoming three date tour supporting Slumberland Records act Business of Dreams later this month…this truly is a band well worth supporting !

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