Single Review – Blockbuster by Braddock Station Garrison (2019) (self released)

Braddock Station Garrison have been highly respected on the superb Washington DC  power-pop scene for some time now and have consistently satisfied the musical urges of those who like their pop delivered with  a  Dot Dash / The Hold Steady blue collar rock edge and/or a latter day Miracle Legion / early Replacements college rock essence.

So, if the above musical cocktail is likely to quench your thirst, Blockbuster (see below), the flyer single from their forthcoming American Radio album (out of 22.02.19),  will certainly hit the spot.

However, perhaps the cocktail analogy is an inappropriate one? For Blockbuster is the natural soundtrack for those 1990’s modern westerns, where the quiet, handsome, unassuming star, stops a ferocious twenty man bar brawl with a punch so hefty that the other nineteen just run. Naturally he then retreats home for the evening with the beautiful divorcee they were all fighting over and ultimately saves her from a further lifetime of bad boy dalliances. It’s beer music pure and simple.

It’s all very anti-ivy league. It’s all very every man. It’s all very seductive in the manner that smoke filled bars promise the best time, in the wrong way…it’s all very brilliant and promises the world from the next Braddock Station Garrison album.

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