2018 – The best of janglepop albums

As we enter the second month of 2019, I am perhaps a bit late to the best of party and feel a return of those awkward student moments, where oversleep, general laziness and a terrible memory, often led me to pitch up at party central to be met by the confused glances of a couple of nerdy kids cleaning up vomit.

I would love to spin it that it was because 2018 was such a great year for jangle-pop that it took me so long to decide…however my interminable lack of shame has always led to an honesty that reveals when I just could not be arsed!

Oh well, done now… and this lot is brilliant ! Thanks to all the bands and labels for some brilliant music!


1)  Neurotic Fiction  –  Pulp Music (Specialist Subject Records)



2)  Gorgeous Bully  –  Closure (Breakfast Records)



3)  Lewsberg  –  Lewsberg (Self Released)



4)  Salad Boys  –  This is Glue (Trouble in Mind)



5)  Arrest Charlie Tipper  –  The Astonishing Rise of Charlie Tipper (Breaking Down Recordings)



6)  Holy Tunics  –  Butter Dish  (Meritorio Records)



7)  Alpaca Sports  –  From Paris With Love (Elefant Records)



8)  Dot Dash  –  Proto Retro (The Beautiful Music)



9)  Eggs on Mars  –  Mamma Pancake (2018)



10)  Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever  –  Hope Downs (Subpop)



11)  Lawn  –  Blood on the Tracks (Forged Artifacts)



12)  The Catherines  –  The Catherines  (Mondo Canape)



13)  Seeking Madras  –  Bike Ride  (Self Released)



14)  Holy Now  –  I Think I Need The Light (Lazy Octopus)



15)  Sharesprings  –  Paraparlor (Dismantled)



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