Album Review – Bluesbusters by Crabber (2018) (Jigsaw Records)

Anyone who has been following this blog for the last year or two will know that I regularly drift back into yesteryear to extol the virtues of my favourite label, Germany’s Marsh Marigold.

As such when I heard that a few members of Marsh Marigold bands Kristallin and The Legendary Bang had released a new album, I was all over it like a particularly cheap suit.


Of course it is is superb. However it is not exactly what I expected? Initially tracks such Hide and Seek, Confetti, Moonlight, (No) Easy Way Out and Fingerlicking (see below) would perhaps have Kristallin as their nearest reference point. However, such an aesthetic is almost completely transformed by adding an extra layer of intensity that is provided by a wall of guitars that seeps through background melodies. It is more Buffalo Tom or St.Christoper, than it is typical Marsh Marigold.

However old indie-poppers never really die. As such there are regular moment in tracks such as Pointless (see below), Fool and Two Leaf Clover whereby the usage of the soft loud dynamic allows a brilliantly skew vocal delivery to shift about between the perfect indie-pop allure of Darren Hayman style pitchiness and the slightly deranged falsetto deliberation of The Frank and Walters.

With most of these tracks barely nibbling at the 3.00 minute mark, this is indie-pop as the musical gods intended and a must for all fans of German indie-pop.

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