Single Review – Let’s Get Serious by The Wivez (2019)(Self Released)

TheWivezSometimes you hear music that exudes genuine warmth. This latest single from Vancouver based three piece, The Wivez, radiates such a quality.

Effectively three friends, ex-members of bands as notable as Pure (frontman Jody Birch), drummer Slam.T.Hide (KLF and Zodiac Mindwarp) and bassist Rob Edmonds, have turned their mutual affection of similar music and jamming together ,into something that genuinely deserves more widespread attention.

Let’s Get Serious, despite it’s 90 second brevity, will certainly interest those of us, devoted to the Evan Dando / Lemonheads / Blake Babies sort of slacker/surf pop that incorporates liberal sententious jangle-pop throughout it’s core.

This and much of their previous back catalogue (which generally has a more power-pop bias, somewhere between The Stanleys and Dot Dash), reminds me of the Eyelids aesthetic, whereby musicians are perhaps responding, to the excesses and strains of the industry, by just enjoying music for nothing other than the sake of enjoying music.

…Beautiful stuff. Follow buttoned well and truly pressed!


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