EP Review: We Will Hesitate, When We Eventually Wake by Cowboy Dan (2017)(Percolator Sounds)

CowboyDanBlog world has a hard time describing a release that you have to spend a long time with in order to fully appreciate. As such we tend to use the word ‘grower’ and surround it with as many grandiose adjectives as possible, to hide our everlasting shame at being bereft of adequate ‘wordsmiffery’ (it happens to me more than most!).

When it comes to this release, things become even harder. For trying to find the right words for a release that is immediately accessible, leaves me with just ‘anti-grower’ as the pinnacle of my travels through the darkest recesses of my 12th grade English classes.

This EP can be immediately assimilated by anyone with an ounce of jangleosity (their I go again !?) coursing through their veins. Initially tracks such as Like Kerouac (see below) and Ten Years will appeal to those of us who like the flat antipodean vocals and hopping /stuttering jangle that typified the Dunedin Sound and all things Flying Nun. Think early The Chills and The Bats on just the right amount of Red Bull and you will be in the right aural ballpark.

Similarly, other tracks present the sort hazy, squelchy jangle pop that only exists at the mid point between where Real Estate stop short of really get their funk on and the latest crop of Kansas City surf pop bands (Space Dingus, Tennis Club and Eggs on Mars) refuse become too cultured . Despite, on occasion, treading a little too close to a Blood Meridian style indie folk aesthetic,  it is here that the EP’s presents the listener with true jangling bangers such as Happiness (see below) and Stopping By.

Without doubt this act is one that slipped through the net at the back end of 2017, however with a new single, St.Stephen’s Green (see below), now released,  perhaps Cowboy Dan are about to treat us to something more substantial again?

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