Single Review – Tethered by Versing (2019) (Hardly Art)


Tethered (see video below) is the flyer single from Seattle four piece Versing, from their 10000 album (to be released out of Hardly Art on 03.05.19.

It is the sort of track that instantly reminds the listener of numerous references points. Initially the juddering introduction is the best of The Bats, with its infrequent riff that drifts into that slightly deadpan vocal delivery, that all the best 1980 Kiwi bands used.

However, this track soon develops into the sort of high energy that instantly engenders the same sort of appeal as mid 2000’s Sonic Youth, complete with a loud/soft dynamic that grumbles with increasing passion, before collapsing into almost breathless comparative melodies.

Great stuff from what looks like an essential album to get hold of.

Artist Links:  Facebook  Twitter

Label Links:  hardlyart.comFacebookTwitter


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