EP Review: The Bill by Lost Tapes (2019) (Kocliko Records)

LostTapesBandMuch of Spanish jangle-pop is not considered a viable option for those looking for a melodic outlet to express the sheer brutishness of their masculinity. For the Spanish style of jangle-pop tends to accentuate the ‘pop’ and cavort freely with the fey musical equivalent of metrosexuality. It is precious in its beauty.

Of course, even beauty can become insipid if it is presented too frequently and without any semblance of originality. However, Lost Tapes are undoubtedly up there with my favourite Spanish janglers, such as Autoescuela and The Yellow Melodies, inasmuch that they ensure that this release, there first in over three years, never even flirts with uniformity.

The initial track and lead single, The Bill (see below) has that quintessentially LiverpudliAn echo and slight distance that bands such as The La’s, Lightning Seeds and more recently Charity Shop Pop, infuse into their sound, whilst retaining that core laconic beauty that much of Spanish jangle imbues.

However, where the band truly excel is in track such as Six By Six (see below) and Like A Waltz where the jangle-pop is accentuated, with the latter track providing us with the sort of cloying jangle that is reminiscent of one time Cloudberry Records label mates  Pale Spectres and the former, adding luscious pop layers of intimate college rock riffs that have a latter day Miracle Legion feel to them.

Due to the fact that Shelflife Records released We Thought It Was Okay At The Time (2013-2015) in 2017, it does not feel like this Barcelona based two-piece have been away so long. However, new music from a band that has attracted brilliant labels like Koclicko, Shelflife, Cloudberry and the very discerning cassette label Shiny Happy Records is always welcomed.

Artist Links:  Twitter losttap.esFacebook

Label Links:   FacebookBandcampinstagram.comTwitter

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