#Single Review: Heaven by bdrmm (2019) (Permanent Creeps)

Over the last 12 years or so I have sired three kids. Hours of fun were spent with all three, usually at silly o’clock in the morning, playing that game where you have to fit plastic shapes into the correct holes. I try not to boast but I got quite good at it the end.


bdrmm appear to be one of those bands that can infuriate my OCD, for they not only seem intent on refusing to fit into any hole, but obstinately thrive on such an attitude. This can be seen in their first two singles which were the complete antithesis of each other, with the slow burning dreamy The Way I Want single (May 2018) being bullied (for aggression, not quality) by the snarling Pixies type jangle of October 2018’s c.u single (reviewed here).

Heaven (see below), their latest single, perfects yet another aesthetic, as they accentuate all things that jangle and produce a sound that takes the listener on a similar aural appearance as The BV’s offer, with the added aural incentive of toning down upon the echoed distortion.

This single is 90’s gaze, courting jangle. This single is Lush, Slowdive or latter day Swervedriver, maintaining the gaze driven atmospherics but insisting upon guitar driven beauty. Without doubt it is already a prime candidate for 2019’s best single lists !

This 5 piece from Hull are coming to a town near soon soon. Don’t miss out on the dates below if you possibly can.

7/05 – AATMA, Manchester
8/05 – Yellow Arch, Sheffield
9/05 – Hy-Brasil Music Club, Bristol
10/05 – Old Blue Last, London
11/05 – TBA, Brighton
12/05 – Gold Sounds, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
17/05 – The New Adelphi Club, Hull

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