EP Review: EP II by Astragal (2019) (Wallflower Records)

AstragalIf their 2016 debut EP (succinctly named, EP) and the Split EP with Donna Hayward (2017) hinted at a devotion for all thing British Post-Punk, then the proceeding two years have fine tuned such a passion.

Whilst the 80’s morose shoulder pads of the superlative releases above, were somewhat tethered by whatever variant of crystalline or rumbling jangle-pop they added, tracks such as Wilt (see below) and Scenery II, propels this release headlong into all things that The Cure might sound like if they were Editors fans, complete with the melodic sensibilities that suffused both bands.

Once committed to post-punk atmospherics the EP stays firmly in such a mode. However, old janglers never die and the beautiful jangled riffs of both the lead single Bloomer, seen below (7″ available from Wallflower Records here) and Moderne Luxury ensures that the departure from their previous sound is not going to alienate their existing fanbase.


This band have so far seemed content to release tiny little masterpieces, when their song craft and musicianship deserves to breathe further in a full album. Until then this release is a wonderful reminder of the obvious potential of this Houston based three-piece.

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