EP Review – Valentine Road by Rebecka Reinhard (2019) (Breakfast Records)

Rebecka Reinhard is a London based Swedish singer songwriter, who has that imperceptible ability to get under your skin in all the most unidentifiable, but ultimately intensely alluring ways. This, her second EP, after her superb Cherry Trees (2017) debut adds to this enigma.

ReinhardInitially, it is hard to establish exactly where the beauty of her voice emanates from. Usually, the best of female indie folk artists have a strange alluring weirdness to their vocals. However, Reinhard’s beauty is slightly more obvious, being a mixture of the beautiful clarity of Phoebe Bridgers and that slight over-dramatic 60’s feel of Alice Phoebe Lou. I suppose in tracks such as Geraniums (see below) and Substitute Song, the vocals should be described as beguiling rather than weirdly appealing.

The other allure is the contrast in the musical construct. All of the tracks have a lo-fi essence to them. However, it is lo-fi that is so finely manicured, that the perfectionism in the overall sound radiates in every note expelled. This is most perceptible in the stand out track and opener Nonsense in Your Sleep (see below) and Lydia where crystalline jangled riffs ricochet between the conciseness of every note.

Rebecka Reinhard deserves a bigger audience for her undoubted talents and I believe she is just one celebrated full length album from getting just that.

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