Single Review – Ya no me importa / Si tú me Quieres by Melenas ( Conglomeration: El Nebula Recordings, Elsa Records and Snap! Clap! Recs)

MelenasAll girl Pamplona (Spain) four piece Melenas, last gave the musical world  studio work way back in 2017, with their superb self titled album (reviewed by Janglepophub here). Finally, they are back to remind those of us who have not seen any of their extensive touring in the interim period, exactly why such a period is way too long!

This single sees neither of the two tracks take them out of their comfort zone and remain, as they should, infinitely Melenas. However, staying within such parameters does not prevent the manifestation of  extra layers of potential being revealed, as they slightly digress from all things  jangly / garage.

The opening track, Ya no me Importa (see below) slides away from the ramshackle fuzz that was so glorious on their debut and moves towards the more controlled wall of guitars buzz of a band such as Jetstream Pony. It is still so very Melenas but a tighter and more precise version, that thrives upon such constriction.

The supporting track, Si tú me Quieres (see below), sees them make a definite move towards a slight jangle gaze sound. It is all very windswept, atmospheric and beautifully stoic, with the echoed vocals and jangly shoegaze distance conjuring visions of an Aberdeen/The BV’s crossover. It is Melenas at their most brittle and undoubtedly their most beautiful track yet.

Melenas have only been together a couple of years and as such it is perhaps unsurprising that increasing layers are being revealed in their sound and I am just happy to be around as they do so !

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