EP Review – Binding Spell by Binding Spell (2019) (Self Released)

Image may contain: 1 person, guitarThe Bandcamp bio of Washington DC solo artist Roger Poulin (aka Binding Spell), describes his sound as psych-pop. As such I settled down for a The Mamas and Papas meets The Beau Bummels style 1960’s festival…because that is really all I know I know about the pop side of psych.

Binding Spell is far more rooted to contemporary influences though. Initially tracks like Minds Eye (see below) and Featherbones augment the psych quotient with the intermittent chiming plink and acoustic thrum of a far more lethargic and ultimately more glorious Kula Shaker style indian(ana).

Of course this has been done countless times, however, with a vocal deliberation and over pronunciation that evokes images of Martin Newell in his  The Greatest Living Englishmen period, there truly is a curious, sui generis appeal to such tracks.

Poulin can also jangle and thankfully feels compelled to show this. Opener, Sand Circles and the superlative stand out, Heaven (see below), twists the beautiful modern jangle-pop of leftfield bands such as Holm and Beautyness, through chunky post-punk bass lines. t should not really work with psych-pop but somehow does.

Ultimately, in a psych genre that is increasingly returning to all things drug addled and weird of late, Binding Spell is finding more beautiful ways to keep the genre unique.

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