Single Review – Apple Blossoms by Nah (2019) (Self Released)

NahWPNah released two of the best jangly indie-pop songs of 2018 with the mighty Summers Failing (from the EP of the same name) and the Road Trip single forcing their way onto many of the cooler blogs ‘best of’ lists.

This single will certainly ensure that their rapidly increasing popularity continues to build as the Estella Rosa and Sebastian Voss partnership provide their fan base with ‘plenty of the same’, whilst simultaneously twisting their now trademark musical anomalies into such expectations.

Initially Primavera (see below) is infinitely more obtuse than anything they have ever done before. Definitive Death By Chocolate style twee vocals are woven within deliberately off key guitar and trumpet chords that startle and agitate in a manner that never allows the listener to settle, but equally ensures the continued retention and invigoration of interest.

Apple Blossoms (see below) has slightly more conformity, with the intermittent vocal soft/loud dynamic being the core of a dreamy feel that Nah have perfected on previous releases. However, once more, the duo calculate just the right level of perversity as the accentuation of Voss’ deep baritone consistently collides with the saccharine surrounds. Once again the listener is beautifully disturbed in all the most appropriate ways.

Nah have become incrementally more different with each release…and incrementally more brilliant.

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