Single Review: Pretty by Sweetness (2019)(Self Released)

Image may contain: 3 people, people playing musical instruments, people on stage and guitarTo say there is something of a retro vibe to this single would be an understatement akin to saying ‘you know what that Brexit thingy is dragging on a bit’.

Initially, Sweetness would have been surrounded by similar bands during the mid 2000’s, as their glorious jangly, agitated and ultimately bouncy hooks and riffs, would have made them superb genre mates for the likes of The Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs and The Fratellis, who were essentially the slightly more laddish versions of the whole Postcard revival that gave the likes of Franz Ferdinand a spiritual home.

However, whilst that sort of cardigan essence is still there, Pretty (see below), definitely has that bit extra bit of extra controlled spit and snarl, that not only forces repeated listens but also escorts you, like a bully’s ear pinch, away from any  temptation to use the word ‘nice’.

Initially the extra spit is achieved with the grumbling, incessant low key jangling lead guitar lines that remind the listener of The Wedding Present but are a tad more energetic than that, as they wrestle comparisons to the quieter moments of 90’s grumblers such as Neds Atomic Dustbin, or the much quieter moments of Mega City Four.

Secondly, a bit of snarl is added with the vocals. Slightly off key and ever so slightly desperate, they are nothing if not disparate to their general sound, as they flirt with obvious Robert Smith comparisons that do really do any justice to their beguiling weirdness.

This sound will not be how everyone likes their jangle proffered, however for fans of the sort of agitation served up by the original Postcard Records era and it’s subsequent revival, this band might well find themselves as your future favourite.

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