Beat the delete #0002 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) come to me from all sources including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at SoundCloud / Bandcamp etc…the following are among my  favourites that have recently ‘beat the delete’ button.


Band: Zebra Hunt

Track:  Coral Scenery  Release:  Trade Scenery (album)  Label:  Tenorio Cotobade  Release date:  04.04.19


Band: Matt Hebert

Track:  The Wind  Release:  Where the Heart Beats Slow (EP) Label:  Nine Mile Records  Release date:  12.04.19


Band: Armchair Oracles

Track:  The Last of all Suns  Release:  Caught by the Light (album) Label:  Kool Kat Music Release date:  12.04.19


Band: The Finest Drops

Track:  Go For A Feeling  Release:  Remember Who You Are (album) Label:  Self Released Release date:  30.03.19


Band: Readhouse

Track:  Attempt to Find What’s Lost  Release:  Readhouse Vs Eggs On Mars (album) Label:  Self Released Release date:  Single 12.04.19 / Full EP on pre-order now, releases 26.04.19


Band: Sonic

Track:  Life in a Northern Town (Dream Academy cover)  Release:  Single Label:  Self Released Release date:  15.04.19


Band: L I P S

Track:  Sunken  Release:  L I P S EP:  Label: Sunday Records Release date:  13.04.19


Band: The Resonars

Track:  Days Fade Away  Release:  No Exit (album)  Label: Trouble In Mind Records Release date:  19.04.19


Band: Foliage

Track:  Pattern  Release:  Pattern (Single)  Label: Self Released  Release date:  09.04.19


Band: Swim Team

Track:  Everyday Things  ReleaseEveryday Things (single)  Label: Hysterical Records  Release date:  10.04.19


Band: Tim Chaplin

Track:  You’re The Only Thing I Do  Release:  Different Currents (EP) (single)  Label: Self Released  Release date:  19.04.19


See you next weekend for more great tracks that have ‘beat the delete’ in the previous week.








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