Single(s) Review: ‘Jesse’ and ‘A Little Star’ by Kissing Party (2019) (BBYV)


Denver based 5 piece, The Kissing Party, have re-emerged after three years of depriving us of their uniquely weird alt. jangle, with a new album (Mom & Dad) due out  in mid May.

They describe their sound as ‘slop pop’ which in essence is possibly the most apt description of their aesthetic and one I wish I had thought of. Certainly Jesse (see below), the first single from the album, demands such an association with it’s deconstructed guitar riffs somehow managing to retain the sort of engaging melody that you will never be able to hum.

Inherently it is alt.jangle at it’s best and is made even more engaging by a vocal delivery that juxtaposes The Stroppies air of slight lethargy, with the slight mania of old school bands such as Transvision Vamp or Daisy Chainsaw.

There is a definitive change is stylistics for the second single, A Little Star (see below), as male vocals are latched onto an introduction that threatens late 80’s UK jangle-pop, before eventually resting at a jangly lo-fi vibe and half spoken word vocal delivery that reminds me instantly of recent Gorgeous Bully work.

These tracks are superb and having been granted a pre-release listen of the album, I can assure you that Kissing Party are just a few weeks away from being everyone’s favourite ‘now’ band.

Artist Links:  Twitter  /  Facebook / Soundcloud


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