EP Review: Trader EP By Trader (2019) (Self Released)

TraderBandThe press kit for this release tells the anecdote of this Danish four piece buying an old trailer and modifying it in accordance to their studio / recording needs.

Usually this would be assigned to all things trivia, but on this occasion it is integral to their unusual aesthetic, in the same way that Martin Newell recording in his garden shed has relevance.

Initially the supposed confinement adds a eminent and clangorous boom to tracks such as Motion Pictures (see below) and Bleached. These tracks need to be played loud to be fully appreciated and the distant echo of their production techniques ensure that a continued twist or push of the volume button reaps reward.

It is this omnipotent echo that again dominates and accentuates the brilliance of the more reticent tracks such as the superlative Rambling (see below) and Bleached (revisited) as the guitar riffs seem to alternate between repressed jangle and desperate siren screeches.

Whatever the guitar style, the notes seem to hang just that bit too long, producing a slight muffled psych-rock essence that always gives the illusion of heat/desert/smoke etc. It is very un-Nordic, but ultimately beguiling.

At under 10 minutes this stretches the point in terms of being considered an EP, but it is more than enough to leave me wanting more….Bandcamp follow button well and truly pressed!

Artist Links:  Bandcamp / Soundcloud


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