Beat the delete #0003 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) that come to JPH from all sources including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at SoundCloud / Bandcamp etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.

Band: Dehd

Track:  Lucky  Release:  From the ‘Water’ album  Label:  Fire Talk Release date:   Single out nowAlbum ‘Water’, out now on pre-order and releases 10.05

Although definitely having more than one toe in the thrash pop scene, the two flyers tracks from their new album undoubtedly ensure that they would fit nicely into a Brooklyn alt.jangle scene that can do no wrong at present…or at least they would do if they were not from Chicago (but you get what I mean!?)

Band: Kissing Party

Track:  Jesse  Release:  Mom & Dad (album)  Label:  BBYV  Release date:  April 2019

Denver based 5 piece, back with a new album after a three year hiatus. More of the unique sound that they call slop pop and we call gloriously messy alt.jangle.

Band: Nico Nico

Track:  Depress  Release:  Demo: nios Falle otra vez (EP)  Label: Self Released Release date:  23 April 2019

After the first 30 seconds of the intro to this track, the Bandcamp ‘follow’ button was well and truly pressed to see where this Peruvian band go next. Think the The BV’s jangle-gaze in their softer moments and then throw a particularly fey Spanish Elefant band into the mix…

Band: Ski Lodge

Track:  Fire  Release:  Fire (single)  Label: Self Released Release date:    08 April 2019

I do not even know this gentleman’s actual name and his social media accounts do not appear to be in a hurry to reveal it. What I do know is that this track develops into the sort of outstanding beauty that typifies much of his jangle laced dream-pop.

Band: Eli Greenhoe

Track:  Katie’s Song  Release:  B-side to the ‘Public Eye’ (single)  Label: The Vinyl District  Release date:   17 April 2019

Only considered a B-side, Greenhoe mixes folk pop inflections with all manner of the sort of nouveau slop-pop inflections that are becoming so en vogue…with added brass flourished as well!

Band: Honeymoon

Track:  If I Could Only Dream  Release:  Single  Label: Heist or Hit  Release date:   25 April 2019

After the release of last year’s EP, I described this sound as the perfect accompaniment for the British beer garden.  This track does nothing to dissuade me from issuing similar glorious accolades, as these Londoners produce more sunshine!

Band: Monnone Alone

Track:  Summer of The Mosquito  Release:  From the Summer of the Mosquito (album)     Label: Lost and Lonesome Recording Co  Release date:  Single out now / album out 10 May 2019 (pre-order now)

The last of three singles to be released from there forthcoming album, this track has a similar essence to the imperious ‘Cut Knuckle’ which ended up on so many ‘best ofs’ earlier this year. Another winner for ex Lucksmith, Marc Monnone.

Band: Holy Tunics

Track:  Upside Down In Wonderland  Release:  From the ‘Hit Parade Lemonade Supersonic Spree’ (album)   Label:  Meritorio Records  Release date:  Single out now / album out 14 May 2019 (pre-order now)

The Holy Tunics / Meritorio Records was perhaps the surprise package of last year as their debut ‘Butter Dish’ album orced it’s way into the hearts, minds and ears of just about everyone after being featured by just about every blog and radio station that only the musically astute had heard about…this brilliant track will not dampen such enthsiasm.

Band: Eggs on Mars

Track:  Texas Desert Highway  Release:  Eggs on Mars vs Readhouse (EP)   Label:  Self Released  Release date:  26 April 2019

Janglepophub has a label. It is called Subjangle. Last week we featured Readhouse, the other band from this split EP in ‘beat the Delete #0002. This week it is the brilliant Eggs on Mars who get a mention (the other half of the split).

I want Eggs on Mars on our label. One day they will be ours… even if I have to re-mortgage the house!

Band: CharityShoppop

Track:  Dreaming (It’s A Nightmare)  Release:  Single   Label:  Self Released  Release date:  26 April 2019

Janglepophub reviewed this Ormskirk based singer-songwriters debut single ‘Always You’ back in February 2019 and was totally beguiled by it’s strange juxtaposition of 80’s synths /  jangly indie-pop…this single is more of the same and suggests that the artist is only an album away from being another big thing in the world of indie cool.




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