Beat the delete #0004 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.


Band: The Death of Pop

Track:  Don’t Hang Around  From: Six (Live Session EP)  Label:  Hidden Bay Records Release date:  08 April 2019

The beauty of this band is that they have a truly unique sound. Whilst the growing tendency is for jangle-pop to merge with shoegaze into janglegaze , The Death of Pop somehow manage to juxtapose the purest of traditional pop to gaze without ever threatening to reveal the seams…always beautiful stuff.

Band: Terror of the Deep

Track:  Here We Go Again  From: The A-Team (Album)  Label:  Self Released  Release date:  01 May 2019

Whilst all manner of Kiwi bands cling to the brilliant remnants of the Dunedin sound / Flying Nun sound, Terror of the Deep have always been more au fait with a distinctive nostalgia tinged jangly dream pop aesthetic.

Thankfully their first album in four years does not forsake such a template.


Band: The Morning Line

Track:  Anhedonia (Start Again) From: North (Album)  Label:  Kool Kat Music  Release date:  17 April 2019

The Kool Kat Music label are modern day purveyors of the finest power-pop. With the jangle-pop and power-pop often inextricably linked, it is well worth keeping an eye on their frequent releases to find the nuggets where the edges have become somewhat blurred.  This album with it’s The Stanleys style jangly inflections is one such nugget! 


Band: Julia Shapiro

Track:  A Couple Highs  From: Perfect Version (Album)  Label:  Hardly Art  Release date:  Single out now / album out 14 June 2019

Lead lady with Chastity Belt shines through the adversity of medical/mental health issues to release this beautiful single that hints at the possible brilliance and introspection of her forthcoming album.


Band: Keel Her

Track:  No Control From: Single  Label:  O Genesis  Release date:  01 May 2019

Winchester based Rosemarie Keeler-Schaffeler (Aka Keel Her) has returned after a three year hiatus to release a couple of floaty, jangly dream-pop efforts under the Tim Burgess’ label she was last with in 2012 with her brilliant ‘With Me Tonight’ single.

Fans of Men I Trust and Free Cake for Every Creature will love this.


Band: Bubblegum Lemonade

Track:  First Dance For The Last Time From: Desperately Seeking Sunshine (album)  Label:  Matinee Recordings  Release date:  26 April 2019

The Scots bard of pop Laz McCluskey returns with his fifth album from his Bubblegum Lemonade moniker and out of Matinee Recordings….Thankfully nothing has changed as the album resounds with the brilliance of his inimitable jangly-pop fragility.


Band: Big Quiet

Track:  Birdwatching From: Interest Times (album)  Label:  Unblinking Ear Records  Release date:  03 May 2019

Mitch Easter has long since been considered a god of knob twiddling when it comes the production of major jangle-pop acts. As such any band he adds his twiddles to has to be worth checking out and this track proves he is still backing winners.


Band: Seatbelts

Track:  Spanish Songs From: Please Slow Down (EP)  Label:  Self Released  Release date:  26 April 2019

Scouse-pop band Seatbelts have added some extra meat to the bones of their previous impressive ‘Songs from Vonnegut’ EP (2018), with this track wrapping warm jangling riffs around a general aesthetic that is the very essence of cool.



Track:  Dónde Están Los Niños? From: El Último Segundo (EP) Label:  Elefant Records Release date:  30 April 2019

Elefant have been releasing a whole series of Spanish-twee / Euro-poppy efforts on a digital only basis recently. This is one of the few releases that has genuinely appealed, as it drifts past Europop-isms into the more jangly arena that Elefant has excelled in for so long.


Please give these bands your backing i any way possible and we see you next week with more new music recommendations that have ‘beat the delete’




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