EP Review: Cayetana – An Audiotree Live Session (2016) (Audiotree)

CayatenaAudioWPCayetana are currently advertising three early August dates as their ‘Final Shows’ and as such the world weeps…well perhaps not the entire world but certainly a particularly musically astute section.

Over the course of a couple of albums (their brilliant 2014 debut Nervous Like Me out of Tiny Engines, should be the stuff of musical legend) and a handful of EP’s and singles, Cayetana have melodically rumbled through a punk-pop repertoire that took them wherever they wanted to go with a world weary aplomb that is hard to imbue with such sincere authenticity.

CayatenaAs music consumers we tend to extol the virtues of live acts that sound just like their studio sound, however in this Audiotree live session it is the fact that they are somewhat unfaithful to their recorded efforts that adds emphasis to the undoubted brilliance of this Philly, all female, three piece.

For this digital only live EP, sees the band intensify the lead guitar and remove the gnarled production characteristics that placed them firmly around the fringes of whatever punk is seen as these days, to provide a cleaner, crystalline jangled sound in tracks such as the Serious Things Are Stupid (see below), Mesa and Certain For Miles (also below), that somehow manages to enable the beautiful shale like quality of Augusta Koch’s voice to breathe with even more disturbance than usual.

Of course as the ‘law of Murphy’ would dictate the final two tracks of this live performance (Freedom 1313 and fans favourite Hot Dad Calendar) stay largely faithful to the originals but that only really adds to the superlative nature of this release as both their obtuse live flavour and studio work are demonstrated.

All the best bands have some sort of overlooked hidden gem in their back catalogue and this is Cayatena’s.

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