Single Review: Slow / Stargazer by Starry Eyed Cadet (self released)


It has only been just over 18 months since Starry Eyed Cadet released their sublime Kind EP…it just feels so much longer.

‘Finally’ the San Fran based 5 piece are back with a single that encapsulates what their small but perfectly formed back catalogue is all about. Slow (see below) represents all that is magnificent about the jangly indie-pop that represents half of their repertoire. It is all ever so slightly twee, slightly deadpan, perfectly indie vocals from the wonderful Sally Jati that flirts incessantly with all manner of jangled riffs that she provides in a dual  melodic assault with Ron Songco.

The B-side Stargazer (see below) represents the wispy jangle-gaze side to their aesthetic. Here drummer Rob Uytingco, provides a determined assault and dominates an intro which eventually gives way to slight female vocals that are juxtaposed with a slight distance and shoegaze essence. It is equally as beautiful as the initial track but it is a defiantly different manner of beauty.

I have no doubt that if the band were more prolific they would be up there with all of my current favourites as this single just affirms the memorable nature of all their releases so far.

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