Single Review – Alexandra by RVG (2019) (Our Golden Friend)


Not since Echo and The Bunnymen escaped from the beautiful shackles of mid 80’s Scouse-pop has any band quite mastered the sweeping majesty ‘of all things epic’, quite as appropriately as RVG.

2017’s debut album, Quality of Mercy, was an aural shock not only because the Melbourne based Australian four piece were courting immediate attention outside of Australia, but also because of the overt confidence that was the very essence of their sound.

Thankfully this single sees more of the same.  RVG cannot play safe. They go all in and throw everything at every track in a manner that makes them memorable even among an antipodean musical landscape that concentrates it’s musical celebration and lust for indie celebrity around their own 80’s jangly-indie-pop.

RVG jangle too, but it is secondary and shockingly sharp in equal measures on both of these tracks and used to purely augment an atmosphere that is primarily created by front woman’s Romy Vagners strange vocals, that are halfway agonized and halfway bilious in attitude.

Effectively her vocals are the perfect fit for a musical landscape that visits every possible reference point to ensure a sense of pained grandiose is hoisted directly into the middle of all manner of Bunnymen contrivance, infectious hooks and sweeping beauty.

Whilst the B-side has it’s own beauty, one listen of A-side (Alexandra – see above) will intimate that RVG could well be around for a very long time, either/and/or physically or in our collective memories.

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