Beat the delete #0007 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.

Band: Neutrals

Track:  I Can Do That  From: Kebab Disco Label:  Emotional Response  Release date:  Single out now digitally / album out 07 June 2019 

I am nothing if not a musical stalker, with anything emanating from the Magic Bullets and Terry Malts being the primary object of my musical affections. Phil Benson bassist/vocalist for the aforementioned acts plays on this.

More C than a cassette more 86 than the year itself ,this is the sound of a band ploughing through their C86 affections and having raucous fun with the jangle-punk stylistics. 


Band: The Ballet

Track:  I Can Do That  From: Matchy Matchy (album) Label:  Fika Recordings  Release date:  17 May 2019

The Ballet are back with their first full length and weld a sound that is all things obtuse, titular and ultimately very The Magnetic Fields, to the playfulness of any number of mid 2000’s indie-pop bands (Destroyer, The Hidden Cameras etc) from the US….so good to have them back!


Band: Seablite

Track:  Heart Mountain  From: Grass Stains & Novocaine (album) Label:  Emotional Response  Release date:  07 June 2019

June 2019 is going to be a big month for the Emotional Response label with with the Neutrals release (see above) being joined by the more familiar jangle-pop territory that belongs to the bouncing pop of Seablite…if the two flyer tracks are anything to go by this album is going to be a monumental release!


Band: One Night Suzan

Track:  No Guts  From: 20-Year Hangover: A Retrospective Collection Label:  Make Me Happy / This Happy Feeling  Release date:  06 May 2019

Perhaps recommending this as ‘new music’ is stretching a blog writers poetic licence considering that the album this superb track is from emanates from is a retropsective album from a Greek band that operated in the mid 90’s and had tracks featured on the various compilations of Shelflife, Elefant and Firestation.

However, the sad fact remains, that they only released one single and their obvious talent is now being resurrected on this superb compilation. As such hopefully they will not be so new to so many for too long!


Band: Merival

Track:  I with Mine  From: Lesson (album) Label:  Self Released  Release date:  Single out now digitally / album out 21 June 2019 

There is a veritable plethora of contemporary folk artists that provide beautiful acoustic guitar strummings as a back drop to their sound. However, none are quite as exciting as this artist who seems to make the guitar speak as an extra vocalist on this track…I cannot wait for her first full length to come out!


Band: Olden Yolk

Track:  Grand Palais From: Living Theatre (album) Label:  Trouble in Mind Records  Release date:  17 May 2019

Definitely less fractious than their previous works, this track is typical of Olden Yolk’s new album, which swaps splintered brilliance for an altogether more ethereal beauty that is accentuated by a Horesbeach type aesthetic A truly glorious album.


Band: Happy Pills

Track:  Glider From: Milk Floe  Label:  Self Released  Release date:  17 May 2019

This reminds me of a less expansive version of another fine Japanese jangle-gaze act, Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall. Tracks such as Glider, Maldive, Moonbeam and Swimming make this an album that should satisfy every fellow fan of Japanese jangle-gaze.


Band: Broken Chanter

Track:  Wholesale From: Wholesale (single)  Label:  Olive Grove Records  Release date:  24 May 2019 (on Vinyl 7″)

New solo project from David MacGregor who was the man behind much of all that was good about Kid Canaveral in the last decade. If you like your jangled riffs surrounded by dense alternative indie rock (think Magic Bullets withe extra testicles) this track will tick all the right boxes


Band: The Muldoons

Track:  Don’t Be Like That Girl From: Don’t Be Like That Girl (single)  Label:  Self Released  Release date:  11 May 2019

This is the second single from Glasgow’s The Muldoon’s. They play a 90’s style of jangle-pop that reminds of the clarity of Subjangle’s (label of this blog) Lost Ships. Beautiful stuff from start to finish ably assisted by a superb version of the Bunnymen’s Killing Moon as a b-side/


Band: Yo Grapes

Track:  Cool Around You From: Cool Around You (single)  Label:  Self Released  Release date:  16 May 2019

Yo Grapes is side project of  Desmond & the Tutu’s drummer Craig Durrant whose plan is to release a series of singles during 2019 starting with this one. A real lo-fi Gorgeous Bully feel is found in his sound.


Band: Low Perfection

Track:  Come Around  From: Come Around (single)  Label:  Self Released  Release date:  28 April 2018

Some real beauty from this El Paso Tx bedroom-pop artist whose ethereal dream-pop / jangle-pop mix should appeal to fans of the likes of Foliage and High Sunn. At present Low Perfection appears to be on something of a creative spree with several singles being released over the 2-3 months. Well worth following.


Please give these great acts your backing in any way possible and we see you next week with more new music recommendations that have ‘beat the delete’




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