Beat the delete #0007 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.


Band: Holy Tunics

Track:  Upside Down In Wonderland  From: Hit Parade Lemonade Supersonic Spree  Label:  Meritorio Records  Release date:  Single out now digitally / album out 14 June 2019 

The Bandcamp bio for this album states that they are going a more alternative college rock style on this album. Perhaps that is in the other tracks, because this one is still gloriously Holy Tunics…still gloriously jangly!


Band: Mike Adams at his Honest Weight

Track:  Wonderful to Love  From: There is no Feeling Better (album) Label:  Joyful Noise Recordings  Release date:  Single out now digitally / album out 14 June 2019 

Mike Adams is the sort of artist that the word ‘multi’ was invented for as he sings/writes/plays/produces his own albums. Now on his (soon to be) fourth album it is hard to imagine that anything on it could be quite as beautiful as this track…but my pre-order is booked just in case!


Band: Las Nubes

Track:  QSW  From: SMVT (album) Label:  Sweat Records  Release date:  14 June 2019 

Imagine those not quite grunge bands like Candlebox and The Breeders from the early 90’s who the genre/term alternative rock was created for. Now add extra fuzzy garage rock sensibilities (think a grumpier Jetsream Pony) and underpin it all with the most glorious of rollicking jangle-pop…ladies and gentlemen welcome to Las Nubes. We trust you will enjoy your stay!


Band: Texpack

Track:  Perfect Buzz  From: Perfect Buzz (single) Label:  Dismantled Recordings  Release date:  26.05.19

Out of the same Indonesian Dismantled label that released the sublime Sharesprings onto the world in 2018, Texpack play their sort of grumbling, rumbling fuzz-pop with the jangle sensibilities of those early Dinosaur Jr moments…it will be good to see where this band go with such a good label behind them.


Band: Lauren Early

Track:  Out of Style  From: Patience (EP) Label:  Self Released  Release date:  24.05.19

Surf Curse and Girlpool guitarist provides us with the irreverent reason to enjoy sunshine just for the sake of enjoying the sunshine. Wonderful contemporary-pop,


Band: Sleep Eaters

Track:  Don’t Sell Your Soul  From: Single (album) Label:  PNKSLM Recordings Release date:  08 May 2019

London based 5 piece are sneaky in all the most glorious ways, with this track starting off with a traditional late 80’s college rock jangled intro before transforming, when the vocals are unleashed, to a 90’s Britpop nasality and abrasiveness that Oasis would have been proud of…such a perfect fit for a PNKSLM label that specializes in melodic abrasion.


Band: The Gotobeds

Track:  2:15  From: Debt Begins at 30 (album) Label:  Subpop Release date: Single out now digitally / album out 31.05.10

I always got the impression that the Subpop label has become successful despite itself rather than with any some sort of planned intent. This track / band reminds of the same sort of aestehtic…you know the best sort, the sort where the ‘playing for the love of it’ shines through with every note…Lovin’ the video as well (below)!


Band: Lake Michigan

Track:  Chairlift  From: Time Passing (EP) Label:  Daddy Issues Records Release date:  24.05.10

Lake Michigan is a a London based sing-songwriter who creates an air of total introspection via his lo-fi bedroom-pop musings that never threaten to move beyond first gear, but still manage to create a beautiful jangled landscape throughout.


Band: Karen Meat

Track:  I Made You A Card  From: Single Label:  Self Released Release date: Single out now 

I am not sure where this track fits into everything. It was not included on the late April album release of ‘You’re an Ugly Person’…it’s almost like Beer has said ‘this didn’t quite fit but it’s still great, so here is my gift to you’…We should all be grateful recipients ‘cos its great!


Band: Benedict Benjamin

Track:  Alone  From: Truant (album) Label: Self Released  Release date:  03.05.10

Ex The Mariners and Peggy Sue member is back with his sophomore solo album. Juxtaposing all manner of 60s-isms to the sort of contemporary jangle-pop riffs and intricacies that hint at the Everly Brothers but ultimately settles at something far more contemporary…such a beautiful vibe throughout the album.


Band: The Claim

Track:  Journey  From: The New Industrial Ballads (album) Label: 

A Turntable Friend Records

 Release date:  24.05.10

Original Medway scenesters, The Claim are back after 27 years and still sounding every bit as though the Wedding Present had mated with St.Christopher…an absolutely brilliant and seamless return!


Please give these great acts your backing in any way possible and we see you next week with more new music recommendations that have ‘beat the delete’







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