Album Review: Snark Hunters by Snark Hunters (2019) (Self Released)



The Snark Hunters are a three piece from St.Louis consisting of brothers, Mike Stuvland (vocals, guitar, bass and keys), Dan Stuvland (drums, percussion) as well as Carl Pandolfi (backing vocals, bass, keys and guitars).

Since the 1980’s, they have been loyal servants to the melodic power-pop sound, appearing in bands such as Lettuceheads, Painkillers, The Deadbeats, 60 Hz Hm and Diesel Island between them.

The Snark Hunters’ wonderful default aesthetic sees them slide once removed Brian Wilson style vocals (The Explorer Club demand comparisons) and add a sense of all things jaded that enables the ‘shit happens’ resigned wit of their lyrics to reverberate appropriately.

Tracks such as Winter Sky, Spring, Plans, Firefight and the superlative (when) Newt (Goes to the Moon) (see below) underlay such a vocal gorgeous, with a guitar-pop that thrums away with generally beautiful melodies that are interjected with wafts of sudden jangle that would startle, if they were not so welcome.

However, it is not all subdued anti-melancholy. Tracks such as the I Know I Know (see below), Why Even Bother, Prosperity Jesus and Pretty Good idea cranks up the ‘power’ in power-pop and juxtaposes it to a sound that proves their ears were not stuffed full of jangled Beach Boy-isms in the 90’s and were ultimately alert to the bratty, very American alt.rock influences of bands such as Archers of Loaf and Pavement…all brilliantly fun snide, snot and snigger that celebrates an ability to keep in touch with with their inner immaturity.

This album is one that should sit aloft the ‘grower’ pile. You need to let it sink in. However, once it does it seems to breathe in new directions with each listen. Marvellous stuff!

Artist Links:  Bandcamp

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