EP Review: Songs About Girls by Bill (2019) (Self Released)


I know nothing about Bill. His bio seems deliberately sparse, revealing only his domicile as Boone, North Carolina. Further illucidation is hindered as he has no social media sites Effectively, he could be anyone and probably is.

So why does this album make me ‘feel’ like I know him and subsequently want to know him better? Initially the answer lies in the every man lyrics that add a divergent twist to the unrequited love theme. For unlike the masses of ‘oooh he/she did not love me sobs stories’, Bill approaches the topic with an air of understanding and resignation that accepts rather than wallows in the fact that his oddities are difficult to encompass in a relationship.

Too Weird does not even bother to dissemble his fear that his weirdness will be rejected:

i think outside the box sometimes
but am i too weird for you?

And Strawberry Girl develops this further, as he hints at becoming lethargic towards the process of finding love, that he feels is so much harder for him due to his idiosyncrasy.

man, i’m gettin’ kind of antsy
for someone who understands me
maybe i’m tired of bein’ lonely
and sifting through all the candy

By the time the superlative Daisy (final track – see below) is reached, any self respecting listener with any semblance of a romantic soul suspects he is about to find love. However, this would be too lazy and too perfectly twee for Bill. He prefers to crush all romantic notions by dangling the carrot of a girl who appears to like him, before whipping it away with an alacrity that borders on snide:

i was just a lonely college boy who could not talk to save his life
getting too damn high
feeling bad for me you came to see what i was up to friday night
and somehow, i made you cry

However, it is not just the off-kilter lyrical interpretations of the love norm that appeals. For this artist knows how to build mood and thankfully he does so with various elements of  jangle that range from the fluttering lo-fi plink of a track such as Fireside (see below) to the strange, but ultimately beguiling mix of psyche/country  in tracks such as Strawberry Girl and Crazy Daisy.

Bill will not be for everyone. Many will reject the perfectly imperfect sense of weird in his sound…I guess he will understand though.

Artist Links:  Bandcamp 



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