Beat the delete #0010 (new music recommendations)


New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.


Band: U.S Highball 

Track:  Don’t Travel Far  From:  Great Record (album) Label:  Lame-O Records Release date:  Single out now / album out 12 July 2019

Glaswegian duo arise from the ashes of the brilliant The Pooches to re-kindle their affair with the Lame-O Records label, with the sort of witty, jangly, indie-pop subtleties that the Glasgow indie music scene has been famed for since the mid 80’s….they do not let the city down!


Band: Nice Apple

Track:  Don’t Travel Far  From: This time Nice Apple is auto​-​cathecting (Album) Label:  Hidden Bay Records  Release date:  24 May 2019

Vancouver’s Nice Apple have that anglophile essence that reeks nonchalant energy in the vocals that is all deadpan and sexy in a mid-90’s Britpop Sleeper, Elastica, Garbage (etc etc) manner…add to that the type of modern snapped at alt.jangle that the late 2010’s is doing so well and we have an absolute winner.


Band: Drawing Boards 

Track:  Day El Topo  From:  The Message   Label:  Self Released Release date:  07 June 2019

This band were always going to have immense pedigree considering it comprises members of Sisters and Dirty on Purpose. However I was surprised at the sheer brilliance of this muted Sonic Youth style fuzz pop and the many levels that the entire album insists upon excelling within.



Band: Petite League 

Track:  New York Girls  From:  Rattler  (album)   Label:  Zap World Records  Release date:  Single out now / album out 26 July 2019

These Baseball obsessed New Yorkers are back with their third full length and if the two flyer singles off this album are any indication, may well have added even more garage grumble to their mix. Always value for money this lot!


Band: Big Fang

Track:  Who Knows You  From:  Human Distance (EP)   Label:  Self Released  Release date:  07 June 2019

Like Husker Du swallowing an R.E.M jangle pill and then wrapping it all into a late 80’s/90’s power-pop default mode, the debut EP of this Connecticut four piece, shows the ambition to provide a modern twist to what was already so good from yesteryear.


Band: The Catherines

Track:  Fumbleknob  From:  I can’t believe you leave me for that dumbo​/​Fumbleknob  (Single  Label:  Self Released  Release date:  12 June 2019

This blog has a label. It is called Subjangle and started about 8 months ago. The second act we approached was The Catherines / Heiko Schneider asking if we could put out all the countless digital singles he releases  on a compilation…we were too late and he had already agreed such a deal with two other labels.

Thankfully The Catherines churn out brilliant jangly fuzz pop singles with prolific ease (three this year already)…one day they will be ours and I can take that one off my musical bucket list!


Band: Happypills

Track:  Summersong  From:  Single   Label:  Self Released  Release date:  11 June 2019

We featured a track from the beautiful Milk Floe album that Happypills (solo project of Yuuki Konn from Japan) released on Beat the Delete #0006. Less than a month later he is back with a tiny slice of 2 minute indie-pop that perhaps could have been the albums lead!

This prolific artist is truly beginning to find the sort of wonderful consistency that simply cannot be ignored.


Band: V.V. Lightbody

Track:  Car Alarm  From:  Single   Label:  Acrophase Reccords  Release date:  12 June 2019

Ex-Grandkids lady’s solo project, beautifully jangles with a perfect level of intensity behind the sort of laconic contemporary adult-pop that no-one has adequately given an appropriate genre name too (her Bandcamp bio ascribes it to the ‘nap rock’ genre!)…you know the sort of stuff that remains great if it can avoid too much piano!


Band: Thanks For Coming 

Track:  Stephen Hawkins Goldfish Analogy  From:  No Problem (Compilation)   Label:  Self Released  Release date:  single out now / album 19 July 2019

This track was originally on a 2017 EP and is the stand out among stiff competition of what appears to be a mix between new / old recordings given the compilation treatment on ‘No Problem’. Full of some of the best jangled bedroom pop around this artist really deserves something physical.


Band: Pure Bear 

Track:  Sunny Day  From:  Travel (EP)   Label:  Self Released  Release date:  16 June 2019

This debut instrumental from Moscow based Pure Bear states in the Bandcamp bio that:

The main idea is that you should close your eyes and music will take you away to some great adventure…

…after repeated listens it kinda works ! It’s jangle for those who do all this mindfulness stuff and beautiful.


Please support these acts in anyway possible. Would love to hear your feedback.


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