Single Review – Love Like Ours by Super 8 (2019) (self released)


Super8 Love Like Ours

I want to tell you a story of woe…and so  it begins:

This blog runs its own label.

It’s called Subjangle.

We recently released Super 8‘s (aka Trip) compilation album (Backers and Maracas). It  was chock full of the tracks from his back catalogue that are considered the most jangly,  plus three others, penned, again all jangly like, specifically for the purpose.

It sold out very quickly…and so it should.

During the pre-order stage, Trip pops off to Greece on holiday, sits on a hill overlooking somewhere all Greek and pretty like, then pens the absolute jangle-pop behemoth that is Love Like Ours (see below).

It was too late to include it on the Subjangle release.

Really, we should have been annoyed with our luck…but when something this wonderful has the power to hypnotize you through the sheer beauty of it’s jangle, you just have to celebrate.

Well done Trip …despite stiff competition, definitely the best yet!

Artist Links:  Twitter   Facebook

Label Links:  Not bloody Subjangle !



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