Album Review: The Infinites by The Infinites (2019) (First Humans Records)



Pop Rock / Surf rock needs to have an abundance of difference before it begins to sound less like a 1960’s pastiche and more like something that is charismatic enough to enthrall. Thankfully, this debut album by The Infinites consistently batters away at all things alluring.

Initially, this allure can be seen in tracks such as the opening triumvirate of Nina Segovia, Ryan Fontaine (see below) and Miriam Stein. All these tracks seem to compel repeated attention by brazing subtle lo-fi plink and chink, before bursting into dominant hooks that chime away in the hinterland between psyche-pop and jangled surf rock.

As good as these tracks are, this is not where the album truly excels. For the album truly transcends when the beauty is reduced to third gear and replaced with an extra intensity engendered by the grumbling bass lines and/or fuzz of tracks such as Scott McMurray, the albums’ true stand out in Jimmy Smith (see below) and Diane Brown.

Other than the fact that they are from Austin, Texas, I am not really sure of The Infinites musical journey. I’m glad they got here though and hope it is not a fleeting visit.

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